How to Help

First off, it is amazing that you are here. It means that you are at least remotely interested in lending a hand to this cause.

The good thing is that right now, since Feeding Walid is still finding its legs, helping is really easy, we need all the help we can get. However, there are two big ways that Feeding Walid needs help with at the moment.

The first is the simplest, promotion. I am going to do what I can to get the word out about Feeding Walid, but the entire process will be made more efficient the more people know about it. Say there is a post that you find on this blog that you found spoke to you, maybe it was the post that made you click on this page. How you can help in this aspect is simply to share that post on social media; Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, whatever is your preference. Feeding Walid needs this promotion if the project is to be successful, we have to build a network of charitable people devoted to seeing a disadvantaged boy’s dreams turn into reality, and I know that I cannot do it alone, I need the kindness of people like you.

This all leads to the second way you can help, donate. Feeding Walid now has a crowdfunding  donations page on the site Any amount will help to reach our goal of paying for Walid’s living and education expenses after he leaves the Center for the Protection of Children this July. Right now the current exchange rate between the US dollar to the Moroccan dirham (dh) is about 1 to 8. Every dollar you help to donate costs around 8 dh, in Morocco this is close to the cost of a meal that can feed Walid. Here is some other costs broken down that this project is attempting to help pay for:

Housing: 1000 dh a month ($125)

School: 1000 dh a month ($125)

Meals: around 800 dh or more  a month ($100)

Plus to cost of other miscellaneous projects like school supplies, clothing, toiletries, and furniture.

The more you promote Feeding Walid, the more people coming to learn about Walid and this project, and the more people are likely to donate. All of this is interrelated, and you can easily be an integral part of the process. Help to promote Feeding Walid, and please consider helping us to fund the project as well.

I don’t want to suppress creativity though. If you can think of any other way you can help inch Feeding Walid closer to its goals please do not hesitate to contact me either via email at the Feeding Walid Facebook page, or down in the comments.


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