The Plan: Contingencies and Stipulations

Over the past couple of weeks, I have attempted to detail as many aspects of this project as possible to provide transparency as to how Feeding Walid will function.

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The final aspect I want to explain is the general approach I am going to take to providing Walid with funds, while we remain an ocean apart. I’m not going to lie, it will force me to put a lot of my faith and trust in Walid in that he will use the money appropriately, but I have attempted as much as possible to ensure that, even though he is my brother and friend, he does not abuse the opportunity I want to provide for him.

The First Year

The goal of this project, providing Walid  with a college education, inherently lends itself to a multi-year relationship (including this year, it will take Walid at least four years to get through high school alone). This year can essentially be considered a dry run. During the school year, Walid will be attending a vocational school to train as an electrician (normally this takes two years to complete, but he will only have time to complete one). On the side, Walid will study for a national test that all students attempting to graduate middle school must pass before they can move onto high school.

Currently, I am in no financial commitment to provide Walid with monetary funds. The Center for the Protection of Children is providing him with his basic needs, as well as the funds needed for him to attend vocational school. While I am currently accepting donations for the project, Walid still needs to demonstrate that he has the dedication to see his education through the end. In my mind, he will accomplish that if he can pass “the middle school test” independently of any formal schooling. He has the books he needs (I purchased them for him before I left for Morocco) and my amazing friends Yasmine, plus the staff at the Center, are all willing to assist him with his studies. He has the resources and the opportunity, but if he fails it means he does not have the dedication.

With that in mind, I will not leave Walid without a paddle .He is my brother, and no matter what he does I am going to care about his well being. I will ensure that when he leaves the Center, he has a place to stay and a job to keep him alive (I might even ensure he can complete the vocational training he needs), however I will not continue to attempt to raise more funds for him to complete his education. If there is any charitable donations left, after I have him settled at this point, I will donate them to the Center for the Protection of Children which does so much for thousands of “Walids” all across Morocco (my ultimate goal is to able to help more then one individual at a time, but given that I am an undergraduate student with little means or experience, I think I only have the capacity to focus on Walid. I must leave the others to the Center).

Subsequent Years

After Walid leaves the Center, we will formally enter a charitable relationship. Walid will become completely dependent on me for sustenance (I discuss why that has to happen in my first post). As mentioned on the How to Help page, there will be three main expenses that donations will go to: schooling, rent, and living expenses. I will have some semblance of control over school and rent expenses as these will be fixed, however outside of setting an amount, I will have to trust Walid on how he uses his living stipend.

Because of this, I believe the best approach will be to have Walid budget his monthly expenses. Budgeting can be difficult, especially for someone that will officially have just received a middle school education, but it is important to me that I can tell donors how exactly Walid is spending the funds they kindly donate.

This budgeting aspect is incredibly important to the sincerity of this project, consequences for Walid if he does not complete a monthly budget will be stark. If at any time he does not complete a budget for his living expenses I will consider him on “probation” and if he does not complete a budget again within a certain window (as in he will be on “probation” for so many months), then I will cut off the funds to Walid (again, more then likely in the case of this event, I will ensure that he won’t end up on the streets). My goal is to have this project, in its current form, work in the same way renewable academic scholarships work at most universities (i.e. if the student doesn’t meet a certain GPA they go on “probation,” and if they go another semester with a bad GPA they lose that scholarship).

The final stipulation is the most serious, and I also hope the most unlikely, and that is if Walid spends charitable donations on illicit products or services. If I discover this is occurring, I will cut Walid off immediately and donate all available funds to the Center for the Protection of Children. To me, this will be the greatest betrayal of my trust and efforts in attempting to help Walid, and if he abuses my love and trust I will not hesitate in cutting him off. With that being said, I believe this is incredibly unlikely, however the possibility exists and I want to make readers aware that a plan exists in the case of this event.


This is the biggest mystery in the grand scheme of Feeding Walid. Currently, I don’t even have that much to say on the matter, my biggest concern right now is getting Walid through high school.

The hope is to have Walid attend college in the United States. This is his dream, and my dream for him. That process though is incredibly complicated, and he will also have to win a scholarship of some sort in order to afford such an expensive endeavor.

Another option is the English-speaking university in Ifrane, Al Akhawayn University. This is Yasmine’s university, and the school specializes in all-English lectures. Given Walid’s passion for English, this could be a great fit. However, the school does come with an American university price.

The final option is public universities in Morocco. Moroccan public universities are actually free, hinging upon admissions, however the overall quality of this education may not be sufficient for Walid’s dream of coming to America. The goal of this project is to see him with a college education, and this option, while not the first option, is still suitable.

All of these options though remain contingent upon Walid meeting certain expectations, and on myself raising the funds necessary to send him to school in the first place.

If you are interested in making this plan a reality please check out the donations page on, or the How to Help page on the blog.


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